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For some people, moving to nicotine-free liquid is the last step in a journey to a more positive and healthy lifestyle, but it’s often also the toughest. Here at EQUALITY LIQUID we believe in making that journey as simple as possible, which is why we are really excited to launch our KICK THE NIC programme.

At its core KICK THE NIC is pretty simple: we will deliver to you tailor-made liquid on a regular schedule and gradually reduce the amount of nicotine (0.1mg at a time) in each bottle until you reach zero. If you currently vape 0.6mg nicotine liquid, on your first week you will receive a 0.5mg nicotine liquid, your next bottle will contain 0.4mg and so on. You can choose to receive a bottle once per week, every two weeks, or once per month.

So why join our programme?

We’ve found that a slow and steady gradual decrease in nicotine intake over time is a far easier way to be successful in reducing your nicotine intake. Unlike other companies, we offer 0.1mg increments to give you the biggest chance of making a permanent lifestyle change.

As an incentive for joining our little club, you will receive free shipping on every bottle you order. On top of that, if your personal programme takes 5 bottles or more to complete, on your final week we’ll throw in a Large 100ml bottle of your favourite liquid absolutely free. Because let’s face it, you’ve earned it!

Minimum order of three bottles. If you would like different flavours each week please request this when ordering in the additional notes section. When selecting Current Nicotine Strength please select what you are currently vaping. Further questions please email kickthenic@equalityliquid.com


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is £2.95 on every order. Currently, we only ship to the UK. Orders above £40 get shipping free!

Is VAT included in the cost?

Yes, VAT is included in the price shown for each bottle. This should be shown as part of the email you receive when you place your order, however a paper invoice is also sent with each order in the mail for your personal records.

Why is my nicotine in a separate bottle?

In order to legally sell 50ml and 100ml bottles, we are unfortunately unable to pre-mix nicotine into our liquid - don’t worry though, we’ve got a really simple solution!
When you order any liquid from us you will also receive a separate 10ml bottle containing the precise amount of nicotine needed to complete your liquid. All you need to do is add the contents of the smaller bottle into the bigger bottle, give them a big stir, and you’re ready to vape. It’s really that easy.

Are your products TPD compliant?

We have an obligation to you to create the best possible liquid, which is why every single ingredient we use meets the highest standards outlined by the TPD.
By offering larger bottle sizes with nicotine separately we can provide a better value product, while also giving you a much more convenient day-to-day vaping experience.

What the TPD?

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is a set of EU regulations covering the sale of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. For more information click here.

Why has my e-liquid changed colour?

All e-liquids will naturally change colour over time as nicotine reacts with air and light. Most e-liquids will start off colourless, however depending on the flavour it may have a straw or amber colour from the start even before nicotine is added. This is completely natural and nothing to be worried about.

Does my e-liquid have an expiry date?

If stored in a cool and dark environment most e-liquids will last up to a year. We find that our products only get better over time.

What is the difference between VG and PG?

All e-liquids are made from a combination of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). In most cases, VG makes the flavourless base of a liquid, while flavouring concentrates are added in PG.
We only use pharmaceutical grade VG and the highest quality flavouring concentrates to ensure a safe and consistent product.

What is your VG/PG ratio?

As we approach each flavour individually, our VG/PG ratio varies from product to product to deliver the maximum flavour. All of our liquids fall between a 80/20 and 70/30 ratio. Each recipe is individually tested and tweaked to find the perfect balance of flavour.

Where is my order?

Ordered placed before 3pm will be dispatched the same day. If you have selected UK shipping your order should arrive within 1 to 3 working days. We currently do not ship outside the UK.